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Are you tech assets overdrawn?
Patient EMRs. Regulatory reports. Mobile apps and wearable sensors. Hundreds of payer plans. Image access. Physician portals.

The healthcare market is in flux, and your systems need to keep up. While management asks more and more of IT, your team is
already spread far too thin to match aggressive timelines.

With the local talent pool tapped out, where do you turn? You know it’s true: Adding a few key people with the right high-level design,
developer, and QA skills would give your projects the boost they need to cross the finish line.

Time for Unosquare. Top-tier software talent that rapidly scales to your requirements. Certified, collaborative, and communicative. Conversant
with the leading programming environments and system architectures. Trained to work seamlessly with client Agile teams, without
the hassle of time zone offsets. Experienced with complex healthcare-domain technology issues. Ready to make a difference now.


Case Study:


When this biopharmaceutical company lost patent coverage on its
most popular drug, revenues plunged. With other products in the
pipeline, the firm scrambled to understand its new landscape of
stakeholders, physicians, and hospitals.

It needed visibility into proposal status, regional differences, sales-rep
effectiveness, treatment outcomes, and other data that only a
sophisticated CRM system could provide.

Off-the-shelf and cloud-based software didn’t offer enough
customizability, and in-house programming resources were limited.
How could the firm get a full-blown solution within an accelerated

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